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Here at Althaus Security Screens & Doors, we believe there is no compromise when it comes to the safety of your family and home. You want to protect your home, and you want to make sure that your doors are as secure as possible.


This is why we only install the best security screens and doors on the market—Crimsafe.


These doors are designed specifically to prevent intrusion into your property, and are toughened to withstand a great deal of force. They can be fitted in to any space with a suitable frame.

We Supply & Install Crimsafe Products

With security windows and doors, you can simply lock the metal door, and keep all other doors open, including the standard timber one for your front entrance. This allows you to get more air into the home, which is particularly useful in hot Toowoomba nights.


Constantly exceeding industry standards and outperforming its competitors, Crimsafe is the sure-fire way to increase the security in your home or office.


For proper assistance with installing security doors in your home, talk to the experts at Althaus Security Screens & Doors.


We can offer you a range of different security products, designed to suit your needs. 


We are here to help with any installation, so contact us today to discuss security screens for your home or business.

back door of home installed with Crimsafe protection

Protect your home from invaders or would-be thieves with steel mesh security doors. We also offer Crimsafe iQ locking systems.

Window on brick home repaired with Crimsafe security mesh

Maintain your view while still protecting your property with Crimsafe. Our experienced team install fixed, hinged or sliding security screen windows.

Althaus Security New Sign Written Vehicle

Choose between mechanical and electronic locking systems. The electronic system is available with a keypad, Bluetooth, key fob or even fingerprint scanner.

The Benefits Of Security Home Features

There are several advantages of installing security screens, doors and windows Toowoomba based. These security features provide your home with all-around protection and deter potential criminals from entering your property unauthorised.

Security screens, windows and doors serve as a statement to intruders that your home is fortified – therefore making you a risky target.

Alternatively, if privacy is your main concern, then home security features are for you. You can benefit from an uninterrupted view of the outside world whilst, by comparison, passers-by struggle to see inside your property.

This is because we tailor the angles of security doors and screens to shelter your home from the view of others, and also use high-quality mesh that is both thick and durable.

As local residents of Toowoomba, we understand just how bad insects can get in summer. However, with security screens, windows and doors, you don’t have to worry about critters or pests disrupting the comfort of your home. Instead, you can optimise air ventilation without allowing insects to encroach upon your home.

What’s more, security features can increase the value of your property. This is because they allow potential homeowners to save on their home insurance policy and are therefore considered a worthwhile purchase.

Althaus Security Screens & Doors have a wide range of security products to suit your individual style and aesthetic, as well as service your protection needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Althaus Security Screens & Doors are committed to providing customers with a top-quality service from start to finish. This is a testament to our full management process which ensures we work with customers from initial enquiry to quality checks.

You should choose us because:

A Security Screens Door

Why Use Crimsafe For Your Screens, Doors, And Windows?

When it comes to your home, it’s important to invest in premium protective fixtures and equipment that can save you money in the long run and operate smoothly.

Crimsafe is a reputable security screen system that is much revered in Australia. Crimsafe products are designed with security in mind and are therefore guaranteed to keep your home and possessions safe.

Crimsafe products are created using a tough mesh that is designed to withstand Category 4 cyclones. This means its products are able to ensure extreme weather conditions without experiencing damage or adverse effects.

Specifically, Crimsafe security screens are designed to withstand several sharp objects – meaning you can save money on reparation costs all year round.

Crimsafe security doors come with a screw-clamp device that serves as a lock mechanism, preventing the screen door from being removed easily.

Perhaps what makes Crimsafe products favourable is their accessibility. From hinged and sliding doors to bi-fold frames and security windows, there’s nothing these security systems don’t account for.

For long-lasting home security products, choose Althaus Security Screens & Doors. We are an authorised supplier and installer of Crimsafe products in Toowoomba.