Crimsafe Ultimate Toowoomba

Crimsafe Ultimate in Toowoomba & surrounds

Althaus Security Screens & Doors is the premiere supplier and installer of Crimsafe Ultimate in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.


Crimsafe Ultimate mash offers a higher level of security and safety—it’s 40% stronger than Crimsafe’s regular mesh and is up to 7x stronger than the Australian standard impact level.


These screens are manufactured with 304-grade steel and thoroughly tested to withstand harsh weather exposure for the equivalent to 30 years.


Crimsafe Ultimate has been proven to handle harsh weather conditions like:

  • Heat—it can block up to 53% of solar heat gain
  • UV protection—it blocks up to 62% of UV rays
  • Hail stone & flying debris—it is a strong barrier for all kinds of airborne debris, including hail
  • Fire protection—it has been tested to block 59% of radiant flame & heat, making it great at slowing down the spread of fire between floors & neighbouring buildings


These features and benefits, combined with Crimsafe’s Screw-Clamp system and anti-jemmy technology, create security screens that the team at Althaus Security Screens & Doors is proud to install in local homes and businesses.

Crimsafe Toowoomba based is one of the leading names in home security. Althaus Security Screens and Doors have held a license to supply and fit Crimsafe since 1996 and we’re confident it will meet all your security needs.

What exactly is Crimsafe?

Crimsafe produces top-notch security screens for windows and doors. Perfected over the last 25 years, Crimsafe security screens have the twin benefits of Tensile-Tuff mesh and a special screw clamp system. This pairing provides superb protection against two of the biggest threats to Aussie home security – intruders and climate change.

As well as protecting against the big issues for householders, Crimsafe can handle the little annoyances like mossies and insects. Crimsafe means peace of mind against problems of all sizes.

What makes Crimsafe different?

Crimsafe is a finely honed pairing of screw clamp technology and Tensile-Tuff mesh. This marriage makes for an extremely tough material with outstanding impact resistance. The way the Tensile-Tuff mesh is fixed means it draws strength from the frame, and the clamp creates a sound bond between your window and door and the security mesh. A Crimsafe screen is exceptionally strong and not only meets but beats Australian Standards for dynamic impact.

As part of their product development, Crimsafe commissioned the UNSW School of Aerospace and Civil and Mechanical Engineering to test Crimsafe. After various high impact tests, the team concluded Crimsafe delivers 12 times the impact resistance than a standard security mesh system.

Is Crimsafe really that much better?

Tests like the ones carried out by UNSW show that Crimsafe is one of the leaders in its field. Impact resistance tests show how well the screw clamp – Tensile-Tuff combo works. Crimsafe is up to 12 times more impact-resistant than competitors’ products and actively prevents intruders from coming into your property.

Why choose Crimsafe?

Crimsafe is about more than just security. Years of development mean each aspect of Crimsafe is finely tuned to offer perfect performance.

  • Tensile-Tuff mesh means high visibility – no more feeling “locked away”
  • Tensile-Tuff means maximum airflow for superior comfort indoors
  • Targeted solutions for climate control – Crimsafe offer special products for homes at risk from bushfires or cyclones
  • Crimsafe looks good – choose from a range of colours or custom powder coating to work with your home’s exterior
  • Crimsafe is sought after – having Crimsafe improves your home’s sales cred and really appeals to potential buyers

Find out more from our Crimsafe Ultimate range

Our Crimsafe pages have lots of info about all the ways Crimsafe can protect your home. You can discover our patio enclosures, that let you enjoy your outdoor space in comfort and safety, as well as our security doors and windows.

At Althaus Security, we understand how crucial top-quality home security is. To discover how Crimsafe can keep you, your belongings, and your loved ones safe, just contact our friendly team. You can get in touch by phone at (07) 4637 9111, email or simply complete our contact form and our team will get in touch to help answer your questions and queries.

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These features and benefits, combined with Crimsafe’s Screw-Clamp system and anti-jemmy technology, create security screens that the team at Althaus Security Screens & Doors is proud to install in local homes and businesses.

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