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Toowoomba’s best security windows & screens

Security Window — Security in Toowoomba, QLD

Enjoy the breeze without worrying about the safety of your home with steel mesh security screens from Althaus Security Screens & Doors.


We provide Crimsafe screens in a variety of styles including fixed, hinged and sliding panels. In doing this, we can place security mesh in any size or type of window without disrupting views or functionality.


Additionally, when installing windows more than 2 meters above the ground (such as in multi-storey buildings), we ensure they’re compliant to state window safety guidelines. Protection devices are included with these windows to ensure children cannot accidentally open the window and fall.


Our experienced team can also install emergency exits in your home. The unique Safe-S-Capes system can be easily opened from the inside, while still offering exceptional protection from intruders.


Call one of our security screen technicians today for a quote of window screens in your home or business.

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